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Improved Productivity -
Better Customer Service
More Motivated & Energetic Staff
Increased Employee Commitment
Less Time & Resource Lost
Through Illness and Time Off


Make Your Team Winners
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Using different activities to address a range of objectives, comprised from feedback from 1000s of participants over the past 10 years.

Our Team Respect Me programme offers excellent Return on your investment.
Together Each Achieves More
More Profitability - More Employee Commitment - More Productivity - More Camaraderie - More Fun Environment - More Team Respect

...Contact us today on 0845 6000 967 for our free information sheet on our TEAM RESPECT ME programme, you'll be glad you did...

Professional Teambuilding, a fixed cost of only £995.00, for up to 24 participants. A happy team is a healthy team !

Our Facilitators are highly experienced and deliver the programme in an informative, productive and fun way making The Team Respect Me programme highly enjoyable to participate in.

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Working Together
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Learning Together
Each activity in this half day workshop is supervised, whilst one group undertakes a challenge, the other observes; then, with Facilitation, offers feedback,Putting their words into actions, by completing their own version of the task.
This half day workshop offers specific areas of learning improvement including:
Leadership & Coaching Skills
Effective Communication
Building & Strengthening Relationships
Problem Solving
Support in the Work Place
The Importance of Teamwork
Team Motivation
Conflict Management
Confidence Building

NOW is the time to ensure your employees are sharing the responsibility for Winning and to nurture proactive positive behaviour.

Winning Team
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Winning Equipment
Build a Great Team
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Ready for today's challenges